Guy’s Hospital

Radiation Therapy Bunker for HCA Private Practice

What was the essential need?
HCA obtained a lease from the Trust to develop a new private treatment facility within Guy’s Hospital. Available space was at a premium — the bunker needed to fit in the existing basement. Structural, logistical and financial constraints required our design to use the full range of materials at our disposal.

How did the project take shape?
NELCO worked with the Trust as the landlord, and HCA as the tenant, to arrive at a solution that suited both parties. We produced a design to fit into the existing footprint and interface with the overall building. User safety was of utmost importance — there was public occupancy directly above the bunker where the Trust had located its IT facilities.

Where did NELCO expertise make an impact?
Space constraints posed two significant challenges: First, vertical height in the basement was severely limited. Our design lowered the floor slab 600mm and incorporated a ramp into a short maze. This required a unique door, which NELCO also designed and installed. Next, restricted access to the basement area limited our ability to transport materials. We adapted by maneuvering a small truck and trailer, through the working corridors of the hospital, to a ‘spider’ crane with a weight limit of 1T. Each construction component had to weigh less than 1T in order to fit within the structure.

What were the outstanding results?
Despite the logistical challenges, NELCO was able to execute a plan that met all stakeholders’ requirements while staying within allotted budgets and timeframes. Both the client and end-users are delighted with the work as patients now receive advanced treatment in a first-class facility.