Worcestershire Royal Hospital

Five Radiation Therapy Bunkers (6 and 15MV)

What was the essential need?
Timing and efficiency were critical. The contractor was facing very stiff penalties associated with the PFI process if we were to fall behind schedule. Our proven ability to build in constrained locations while adhering to established timelines weighed heavily in the decision to award the project to NELCO.

How did the project take shape?
From physics through construction design, NELCO collaborated with the contractor’s team to explore various solutions to challenges that arose as plans were developed. Our UK staff, with support from the US, provided the know how to skillfully address issues.

Where did NELCO expertise make an impact?
We overcame two key challenges: First, we had to ensure dose levels were safe for unrestricted access above the bunkers due to occupancy on the floor above. The NELCO solution — a unique hybrid roof design consisting of lead, polyethylene, and borated polyethylene sheet. Next, the specifications required a precise match with existing structures. NELCO ensured that the finished level of the new roof matched the floor levels of the surrounding first-floor rooms.

What were the outstanding results?
During construction, we were asked to work over a steel frame that the contractor needed to install early to avoid significant timing penalties. NELCO was able to overcome this literal obstacle with a substantially larger crane and extended work hours to compensate for longer lift times. In the end, the bunkers were delivered on time enabling the contractor to avoid penalties, and we were approached to design a similar but even larger facility for a Trust in Liverpool.