HD Block

High Density Concrete Block for Industrial Use

High density concrete blocks from NELCO are designed to provide the optimum amount of shielding in a smaller space than traditional concrete. The blocks are available in 5 standard densities 145, 240, 250, 288 and 300 pounds per cubic foot. If you require a modular shield the blocks may be dry stacked allowing for easy relocation in the future.
NELCO’s high density concrete blocks are available in two block designs. Interlocking blocks incorporate an “N” design on 4 sides that ensures the shielding integrity of the seams between blocks. NELCO also supplies square edge high density concrete block.
All NELCO high density concrete blocks are manufactured under our ISO 9001 accredited quality control program ensuring that the blocks used in your project will be of the highest quality you’ll find.

Top-Line Tech Specs


6” high x 6” wide x 12” long
Concrete Densities:
145 lbs. per cubic foot
240 lbs. per cubic foot
250 lbs. per cubic foot
288 lbs. per cubic foot
300 lbs. per cubic foot

Custom densities available


Industrial X-Ray
Non-Destructive Testing
Nuclear Power Plants
Radioactive Material Shielding
Cargo Scanning