RF & MRI Door

The only moving part is the most critical part.

Features & Highlights

For use in new facilities and upgraded RF shield enclosures

Highly efficient, low maintenance

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Top-Line Tech Specs


MRI scan rooms, RF shielded labs and test rooms

Stainless steel threshold and jambs integral with RF shielded door

4′ x 7′ standard, custom sizes available

Solid core, both sides laminated

Door Hardware
Panic bar/lever handle with locking cylinder

Exterior Finish
Aluminum trim and unfinished wood veneer applied to both sides;
custom laminates available

Acoustic Option Available


Fingerless Seal: NELCO uses a fingerless seal of continuous brass expansion strips that are durable and snag-free.

Operating System/Manual Latching Device

Door Frame: A stainless steel frame is built with tapers on all faces to create a bond with all RF door seals.

Door Leafs: Leafs are solid core and laminated on two sides with 12-ounce copper

Door Hinges: Factory mounted, stainless steel ball bearing hinges

Threshold: The threshold is an integral part of any RF door. NELCO preassembles the threshold and door frame as one unit for optimal shielding integrity.

Door Finish: NELCO offers several veneer and laminate options to ensure the door matches your hospital’s décor.

Optional Pneumatic System:  NELCO’s GUARDIAN™ Door can have a pneumatic sealing option that creates a tighter RF seal.


Other Optional Door Features:

  • Acoustic dampening
  • Pneumatic activation
  • Keypad entry device
  • Vision panels
  • Motion sensors
  • Electric operator
  • Custom sizes

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