Autoclave Linings and Repairs

Autoclaves are used in the mining process to extract materials such as Gold, Silver and copper from ore. NELCO is trusted by nearly all of the most well-known companies in the industry.
Each Autoclave is lead lined in the same manner, first we begin by stripping the inside of the vessel down to bare metal at which time we can line the vessel in one of two methods. The first method is to 100% homogeneously bond the lead to the outer walls of the vessel. The other method is strip bonding which involves 100% homogeneously bonding strips of lead every 2’ on center to the outer shell. 2’ x 4’ x ¼” lead panels are then burned to the strips. This method is the preferred method as it will help to localize any possible acid leaks and reduces overall cost. The final step in process is to install brick on the inside of the vessel.

The outcome is an extremely durable, long lasting and extremely heat resistant autoclave.