HDR Shielding Enclosure

Patients and practitioners alike have shown immense appreciation for the added space in our HDR enclosures. With an interior height of 84″, NELCO is the only manufacturer whose enclosures feature full-standing room to maximize patient comfort and convenience as well. With a footprint of only 75 square feet, our compact outpatient, intraoperative, and double-door modules fit easily in most exam or hospital operating rooms. As the world’s leading brand of HDR enclosures, NELCO understands the need for convenient, cost-effective alternatives to shielding existing rooms.

Features & Highlights

Exclusive Comfort
Only manufacturer featuring full-standing room (84″) for greater comfort and convenience

Room & Space Flexibility
Minimal space requirements allow enclosure to fit in most standard exam rooms and operating rooms

Bolt-together system easily moved within a facility or to another location

Shared Room Utilization
Eliminates conflicts of HDR in existing LINAC room to reduce extended off-hour treatments and revenue loss

No Disruption
Installed in three weeks with virtually no disruption

Cost Effective
Substantial cost advantages over shielding a dedicated room

Patient Comfort
Built-in CD/stereo system, independent airflow, custom-designed lighted artwork, dimmer light switches, patient call button

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Top-Line Specs

HDR Enclosure

Most common model with shielded walls, ceiling, door, power, physics port, HVAC ducts, electrical ports, and interior finishes

Similar to the Outpatient model with addition of floor lead, O.R. quality walls, ceiling coverings, sterilization-approved lighting, and anesthesia utility access port

Double Door
Larger model with extended lead shielding and two double-door systems — each door typically leads to separate simulator rooms for faster patient care in busy practices

Brachytherapy in Oncology Departments, Operating Rooms, Freestanding Cancer Centers

75 square feet (Outpatient model)

Steel-lead-steel panels

Physics, utilities

Gypsum board and painted interior

Outpatient 50,000 lbs; Intraoperative 61,000 lbs

Door Clearance
60 inches

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Sellsheet Information


The standard, outpatient HDR Treatment has an overall footprint size of approximately 80 square feet. The overall footprint on the other models and any custom enclosures may be more.


Typically the unit requires a minimum of 10′ vertical height (anything below this needs a feasibility review).

A power and physics port can be located almost anywhere on the unit. Typically, it is located on the end panels and closest to the control station. Wiring, calling, ductwork, mechanical access, HVAC, and electrical are brought into the enclosure through a ceiling port.


With all finish work, the interior height of the enclosure is 84″.