Einstein Door Control

Security and safety meets brains and beauty

Smart-screen interface technology provides GUARDIAN™ door systems with another level of intelligence — striking, touch-screen door control. With the simple touch of a finger on the backlit screen, operators have full control of door openings and closings, position, and stop points. Instant access is available for security and safety status, history, and service information as well. The smart-screen Einstein Control Center helps to advance patient flow, room security, and door safety while elevating aesthetics. Supported by 8 languages, it’s even smart enough to be easy to use. Features and

Features & Highlights

Security Access

  • Up to 16 security levels
  • Up to 64 unique passwords
  • Passwords can be assigned different levels of access


User Interface

  • Sleek tablet design with OPEN, CLOSE, PARTIAL, and STOP activation commands
  • On-screen indicators and readouts for complete operator system monitoring and status
  • Multilingual, on-screen display


Service Interface (for technicians)

  • Access to complete position control
  • Reduced troubleshooting time with full diagnostic tests on all Input and Output commands
  • Detailed information on door and operator
  • Door usage history, service reminders, safety status


Remote Service
Remote diagnostics can be performed prior to service call

Top-Line Tech Specs

Einstein Door Control System

Screen Size

12.49″ H x 9.61″ W x 1.82″ D (outer dimensions)

1024 x 768

1 Ethernet, 2 Serial, 1 USB, 1 SD Card

Via USB or SD Card

1 year

Supported by 8 Languages

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