Lead Lined Window Frames

Strong support for both the delicacy of glass and the weight of lead

NELCO lead-lined window and door frames are designed to suit various wall sizes and hardware specifications, while ensuring the ultimate in radiation shielding. For facilities in the medical, industrial, scientific, and nuclear industries where radiation is present, NELCO lead-lined frames are a must-have. The window frames support lead glass or leaded acrylic, and the door frames support the heavy weight of lead-lined wood doors and have aesthetic appeal. There are two types of frames for existing and new construction, both with mitered corners for a strong, continuous seal.

Features & Highlights

For use in new or remodeled rooms

Dimensions and thicknesses to meet most design needs

Proven on-time deliveries from one of many facilities across the U.S.

NELCO installation teams are available upon request

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Top-Line Tech Specs

Lead-lined window frames

Medical, industrial, scientific, and nuclear applications

Sized to accommodate wall thickness and size of opening

Standard sizes:
12″ x 12″  •  12″ x 18″  •  18″ x 24″  •  24″ x 24″  •  24″ x 30″  •  24″ x 36″
36″ x 36″  •  36″ x 48″  •  36″ x 60″  •  36″ x 72″  •  36″ x 84″  •  36″ x 96″
48″ x 48″  •  48″ x 60″  •  48″ x 72″  •  48″ x 84″  •  48″ x 96″  •  72″ x 96″

Custom sizes available upon request

Hollow-metal, telescopic view; hollow-metal, borrowed lite


Yes. Our experts will gladly assist clients in determining the best size and lead thickness to meet site requirements. Read more about our consulting services.