Radiation Shielding Swing Door

The highest level of dependability is built into every door.

The precision technology of GUARDIAN™ offset swing doors rapidly moves and protects more people in more Radiation Therapy vaults around the world. With impeccable design, manufacturing, and installation by the worldwide leader in radiation shielding, every component of GUARDIAN™ swing doors exhibits unparalleled trust, reliability, and safety. Operational ease, faster door speeds, and the smart-screen Einstein Control Center helps to advance patient flow, room security, and door safety while elevating aesthetics. No wonder NELCO has the largest installed base of shielded therapy doors on the planet.

Features & Highlights

Can be customized by size, shielding, or installation method

Linear accelerators can be installed with the door prehung

Free egress and reversing mechanisms for improved protection of personnel. Meets UL 325 standards.

Fast door speeds yield increased patient throughput

Complete turnkey services for any radiation therapy project

Door Control
Compatible with smart-screen Einstein Control Center

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Top-Line Tech Specs

GUARDIAN™ Swing Door System

Low- and high-energy linear accelerator, HDR brachytherapy, Gamma Knife, proton therapy, cobalt, PET/CT, cyclotron

Operating System
All operators are specifically engineered to address door weight, length of service, and marketplace needs

Einstein Door Control System (available)

Pre-manufactured site-specific frame; cast-in-place (CIP) frames and stick-built frames are both available

Exterior Finish
A wide range of interior and exterior finishes available to complement and enhance your department finishes

Offset frame developed by NELCO creates a clear 4′ wide opening when door is fully open

Adjustable steel or stainless steel

Door Speed
Average opening speed 10 sec, closing speed based on weight and width

Meets all regulatory and safety compliance requirements

Download Data & Specs

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Technical Specifications Sellsheet Information


The average gap is ½”.

Opening speeds are 10 seconds to full open and 5 seconds to partial open.

• Door operator is on facility electric.

• Emergency electric or generator if power goes out and facility has a backup system.

• Optional battery backup.

• Operator has a disconnect, allowing door to be opened manually.

Yes, NELCO’s Swing Door systems can be used in several radiation therapy applications, and are perfectly suited for HDR Rooms. As always, shielding requirements for the doors are dependent on a physics report. If required, NELCO can provide any needed physics services.