Shielded Doors

Securing more protective doorways around the globe.

A safer planet begins with each entranceway to radiation therapy rooms. With the largest installed base of shielded therapy doors on earth, NELCO continues to create safer radiation vaults — one facility, and one doorway, at a time. Our leading brand of GUARDIAN™ Swing Door, Slide Door, and Bi-Parting Door systems are designed to maximize patient throughput. With various widths, shielding thicknesses, and finishes, doors can be adapted to every environment while meeting all clinical and regulatory requirements. Based on the physicist’s report, NELCO customizes the design, manufacture, and installation of every door to meet the unique needs of each facility. Install your doors with safety first from NELCO.


The pedigree of the most trusted family of shielded doors in history.
GUARDIAN™, the only shielded doors with an actual pedigree, serve the DIAGNOSTIC (PET, PET/CT, X-Ray, and MRI), RADIATION THERAPY (Swing, Sliding, and Bi-Parting), and INDUSTRIAL SHIELDING (Swing and Sliding) needs of the global community, making them the most comprehensive family of shielded doors anywhere.