Colchester General Hospital

Five Radiation Therapy Bunkers

What was the essential need?
The hospital wanted to go beyond traditional design for radiation therapy bunkers, so the general contractor led the charge in search of an innovative approach. NELCO surfaced as the top selection from a field of competitors thanks to vast experience and the ability to deliver on time and to specification.

How did the project take shape?
Without delay, we worked with the Trust’s radiation protection officer, end users and contractor’s design team. The goals were to design the bunkers to work safely with treatment activities, fit into the footprint, and interface with the overall building design.

Where did the NELCO magic take place?
• Physics Design – The client had reservations about a shielded door due to potential for slowing treatment flow and intimidating patients, however, the maze didn’t allow for safe operation outside the entrance. NELCO designed a shielded door just inside the first turn of the maze, so it could be opened remotely before being reached or seen by patients.
• Construction Design – An undiscovered buried cable delayed foundation work until it could be relocated. To avoid further delays, a complete rescheduling of our product program was required. Working with subcontractors and block manufacturers, NELCO made necessary changes to stay on schedule.

What were the outstanding results?
In collaboration with the client, contractor and subcontractors, NELCO designed within budget, around a revised schedule and met all requirements. The bunkers underwent a critical exam to confirm that radiation-protection design and construction met specifications. All are thrilled with the new environment and patients are now receiving advanced treatments in a first-class facility designed and built by NELCO.

Products and services used
• Architectural Design
• MegaShield